Saturday, April 08, 2006

My derriere is my visa, says Dorismar

For years, American observers in the know have considered US immigration policy to be asinine. Butt now, a rumptious-rumped Spanish-speaking strumpet from Argentina has taken the lead in bottom-level audacity.

Dorismar-a singer, actress, model, and all-around sex bomb who goes by one name, like Charo, Xuxa, Cher and Madonna-has applied for and been granted a "O" visa to work in the United States.

Unlike the far commoner and more commonly abused H-1B visa, which is routinely granted to wage-busting fresh engineering graduates with no real work experience or skills not common here, the O visa is generally reserved for genuinely "exceptional foreign talent". Examples would include Nobel Prize level scientists, top-level opera singers, and the like. Not what amount to bottom-rung (no pun intended) performers whose only substantial appeal is to foreign nationals in the first place.

To what did Dorismar point when applying for this exceptional recognition from the immigration authorities? Well, to cut to the bottom line....her ass. You see, Dorismar, (through her attorney, Michael Feldenkrais) says she has extraordinary abilities to show what men like in magazines such as Playboy, including (but not limited to) her 'curvaceous posterior'.

A look on her official web site proved unsuccessful at comfirming her opinion of her derriere, perhaps because its excessive reliance on slow-downloading and bloated active content made visiting it a slothlike experience. However, the opening page-once it finally downloads-adds a backhanded credence, since from the forwardly-presented evidence, it certainly can't be her droopy and splayed higher features that provoke such an upstanding reaction from her legions of male fans.

In the end, Dorismar's presence in the US makes little difference. It's doubtful whether she is going to take work away from American actresses or singers, and in all likelihood she will probably wind up a permanent resident here and cause few problems. More disturbing, though, is the precedent her backdoor access to the very highest level of US exceptional immigrant provisions causes. (The only higher level of access a foreign national can have is to have a private immigration bill passed or to be granted citizenship by direct act of Congress.)


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